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A Strong Real Estate Experience Begins With Relationship, Utilizes Integrity and Innovation and Ends With The Perfect Home

Bellwether Real Estate was founded in 2015 by the combined efforts of five established real estate entrepreneurs who had a passion to come together and bring a fresh perspective to real estate in Whatcom County. Starting with just 11 agents in April of 2015, Bellwether is now home to over 40 agents and growing rapidly every week.

At Bellwether, we adhere to three valuable pillars. These pillars built Bellwether and will continue to drive us into the future as we grow and expand.

1. Personal Growth and Freedom: Bellwether is a company that creates opportunities to educate those around us. We coach and train in real estate sales and investments, and the ability to build quality lifestyle and vested interests. We also value complete freedom. We want Bellwether agents to have financial, emotional, and physical freedom to pursue the things they are passionate about.

2. Awesome Relationships: Bellwether and its agents have an ambition and passion for impeccable ethics and standards in the real estate industry. We are driven to surround ourselves with other like minded individuals to create a community that is unlike any other.

3. Impacting the World: We believe each person on this planet has a unique role to play and imbedded deep within each of us is a desire to leave a legacy. Bellwether Real Estate impacts the world by funneling its resources of time, money, people and materials to improve the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and relational lives of others. We strengthen communities by extending a helping hand to assist in reaching their goals in the way they define success.

The short of it: Bellwether Real Estate and its agents are committed to a high level of service and a keen understanding of the needs of today’s buyers and sellers. But more importantly, Bellwether is dedicated to its community and strives to make an impact that will leave a legacy.



Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill
What We Provide

When it comes to Residential Real Estate our philosophy is simple and productive: We are committed to hiring only the best people with energetic, positive mind sets and a yearning for learning. It is one of our company’s missions to educate our real estate agents to be productive problem solvers in all real estate scenarios. We don’t just hire any real estate agent that can fog a mirror. Our agents go through a series of interviews and performance evaluations to ensure that our residential real estate clients receive the utmost professional service.  Our Residential clients are equipped with sophisticated home searching tools that you will find on  If you are looking to purchase a home download our home search app here, so you can get real time updates with active homes on the market.

If you are looking to sell a home don’t hesitate to contact one of our Bellwether Real Estate agents to present the best and most effective strategies in selling your home today’s market. We are an innovative marketing company that happens to be amazing at selling real estate. We utilize both old-school techniques and modern technology. Please see our 3D home selling experience here.


Bellwether Commercial Real Estate works hard to understand the goals of our clients and utilizes a long history of local market knowledge while understanding the needs of business.  Whether you’re looking to lease or buy space for your business or investment, we provide exceptional analysis and market research to help our clients achieve their goals.  We provide superior Landlord representation and Tenant representation to our clients and strive to create and maintain a fair and equitable relationship between a Landlord and a Tenant. Whether you’re a

Whether you’re a one-man show or a large company with lots of employees, our knowledgeable experienced agents are available for any of your Whatcom and Skagit commercial real estate buying, selling, and leasing needs.

We welcome you to contact us with any of your Commercial Real Estate needs.

Bellwether Real Estate was founded on knowledge built from first-hand experience by the owners as real estate investors. Our founders actively participate in the acquisition, negotiation, finance, development, construction, ownership and management of investment real estate for their own use. Why not put our experience to work for you!
The Opportunity is Now
The current and projected demand for rentals is ever increasing. Two primary shifts in our world have occurred in a relatively short period of time. First, as a result of the Great Recession of 2008 we now know that houses do not automatically and forever increase in value. (this has caused consumers to question the value of home ownership and consider renting as a long term option) Second, owning a home is no longer a lifelong goal of every individual. (Societal changes in family size, family structure, environmental concern and less people owning cars, desire for flexibility to move, pain for past foreclosure experiences, etc) This conceptual shift has created a once-in-a-generation opportunity for savvy investors. Bellwether Real Estate was created to help that investor take advantage of this window of opportunity already recognized by successful investors worldwide.

Learn more than just how to do it, learn why to do it. Everyone needs a little help and we are not in the secret business We are happy to show you everything we know. You will see how Bellwether Real Estate has been able to help investors throughout the area, just like you!

Put Our Team To Work For You
Not only do we provide experienced assistance in the acquisition of investment grade real estate, we also assist you throughout the entire process. Our agents can provide you with referrals to property management companies, referrals to contractors, and strategy on the re-sale of your property and/or how to earn the most from your investment as a hold property. Whatever your goals are as a real estate investor, we offer you guidance and support to provide a smooth transaction with the goal of putting more money in your pocket.

Our goal is to assist you in finding and analyzing properties that are under market value which allow you to have an excellent margin of profit. Focusing on your needs and preferences, we will help you choose and grow your portfolio whether you decide to buy a property to hold long term or a property to flip.

Learn more than just how to do it, learn why to do it. Everyone needs a little help and we are not in the secret business We are happy to show you everything we know. You will see how Bellwether Real Estate has been able to help investors throughout the area, just like you!

We Have
Happy Customers.
“The Bellwether team is nothing less than amazing!!! Sold our house within 9 days. The team’s attention to detail is spot-on and they answered all of our questions and concerns. We’ve used them in the past and will continue to use them in the future. We recommend them highly to all our friends. You can’t find a better team of professional (yet friendly) people to work with. Buying or selling; they’re your best bet!!! ” David

Excellent service. Very honest and motivated. Bellwether real estate provided me with professional advice. Thanks.” Sam

“Bellwether Real Estate is fortunate enough to have some of the most experienced and professional Realtors in the Puget Sound region.” Jeff

Excellent, professional service with great people who really care.” Erika

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